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A free return ticket in Grisons

The free return ticket is valid for the offers of the Graubünden parks listed below. To take advantage of this special offer, simply stamp the one-way ticket with the organizer and the ticket is valid for the free return trip. When they travel to a park, the visitors can buy a single ticket. They then ask the event's or activity's organisor to stamp their ticket so that it makes it valid for the return trip. This offer is available from anywhere in Graubünden on Rheatian Railway and PostBus lines.

The offer is also valid the following day. So nothing stands in the way of an overnight stay in the park.

Group travels also benefits from this offer.

Cannot be combined with other offers.

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Schweizerischer Nationalpark

Guided walk Margunet

The walk leads us through an interesting section of the Pass dal Fuorn forests and the wonderfully varied flora of the Park’s alpine meadows. The nature trail provides detailed information along the way, in 5 languages.

Hiking trail
Time required: 3 hoursLength: 7.00km
Schweizerischer Nationalpark

Guided walk Val Trupchun

Particularities: mixed alpine forests with good opportunities for observing animals, in particular red deer, ibex and marmots; varied vegetation. Mainly on the level, this walk is suitable even in bad weather.

Hiking trail
Time required: 3 hoursLength: 14.00km
Schweizerischer Nationalpark

Taster Il Fuorn

Taster (2 h): Mondays during high season (summer, autumn). Easy walk in
the region of Il Fuorn for those who are not yet acquainted with the
National Park.

Hiking trail
Time required: 2 hoursLength: 3.00km